Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said he was preparing a plan to handle Occupy Toronto protesters in a brief press conference held on Tuesday outside his city hall office.

Occupy Toronto protesters were planning to attend city hall on Tuesday to seek the public backing of Ford's executive committee.

Ford said in a brief press conference that he was not prepared to deal with protesters but was formulating a strategy.

"We are working on a plan with staff and we will have a concrete answer in a few days," he told reporters gathered outside his office.

Ford touched on several topics during the short two-minute press conference, but would not discuss the three calls with 911 after being approached by a CBC comedian outside of his house last week.

"I cleared the air already," Ford said, when asked why he would not release recordings of the phone calls.

Ford saved most of his comments for the Pan Am Games, which Toronto will host in 2015.

Ford said he was excited for the economic stimulus the Games will bring, and promised to "clean up the city" before guests arrived.

"This city will be the brightest star in the world when the Pan Am Games get here," he said.

"When it gets here it is going to create thousands and thousands of jobs and add millions to the economy."