A much-discussed 911 call complete with expletives has earned Toronto Mayor Rob Ford a less than favourable title from one U.S. commentator.

Keith Olbermann, host of Current TV's Countdown, labelled the mayor "the worst person in the world" during his show on Friday for the way he acted after an ambush interview at his home.

"The new conservative executive has had a rough start and never was it rougher than Monday," Olbermann said on his show, which aired last Friday.

Ford was accused of verbally attacking 911 dispatchers during an emergency call after a crew from CBC's "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" ambushed him on Oct. 24 as he was leaving his Etobicoke home.

Ford admitted to swearing during one of three calls he placed but has denied abusing the police dispatcher late last week, while the CBC stood behind the report, which they say came from information obtained from police sources.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair later corroborated the mayor's account, saying that he did not verbally abuse dispatchers and that no complaints have been filed.

The trouble began when comedian Mary Walsh surprised Ford outside his home dressed as her character Marg Delahunty. Ford had been about to leave for work and retuned to his home to call police.

Walsh, who dresses in a red warrior princess outfit, has ambushed numerous personalities over the years, including former prime minister Jean Chretien and U.S. politician Sarah Palin.

Police sources reportedly told CBC News that Ford became agitated while waiting for assistance and lost his temper in a second phone call to the dispatchers. It was during that call that, according to the CBC citing police sources, he shouted, "Don't you f--king know? I'm Rob f--king Ford, the mayor of this city!"

Ford denied making the statement, saying he identified himself but never attempted to abuse his station. He also apologized for using the F-word out of frustration.

The mayor, who just passed his first year in office, has been widely mocked for the handling of this incident.

"Toronto's Rob f---ing Ford. The mayor of this f---ing city. Is today's worst person in the f---ing world," Olbermann said during a segment that aired at the conclusion of his Friday broadcast.

Since being elected mayor, Ford has been accused of a number of bizarre acts, including making an inappropriate finger gesture to a mother and her six-year-old daughter. The woman said that Ford had been driving while talking on his phone.