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Ontario reports 1,248 COVID-19 hospitalizations, 163 ICU admissions


COVID-19 hospitalizations in Ontario stand at 1,248 as of Wednesday morning as health officials report 163 individuals with the virus in intensive care.

The data marks a decrease over Tuesday’s totals when 1,345 patients were reported in hospital and 165 were in the ICU.

Vaccination data for those in hospital shows that 812 patients are fully vaccinated, 142 are partially vaccinated, and 47 are unvaccinated. The vaccination status of the other patients in hospital was not released.

Of the patients in hospital, 62 per cent were admitted for a reason other than COVID-19 but have since tested positive for the virus. The remaining 38 per cent are in hospital due to their COVID-19 infection.

Most of the patients in the ICU are there because of their COVID-19 diagnosis at 60 per cent, while the other 40 per cent tested positive following an admission unrelated to the virus.

In the ICU, 69 patients are fully vaccinated, 26 are partially vaccinated, and 11 are unvaccinated. No other vaccination information was disclosed by the government Wednesday.

Another 16 deaths due to COVID-19 were reported in the last 24 hours. However, the province said 14 of those deaths occurred in the last month and two occurred more than one month ago but were added today due to a “data cleaning.”

This brings Ontario’s COVID-19 death toll to 13,099.

COVID-19 testing in the province remains limited to select high-risk groups. At least 1,692 cases of the virus were identified through the 15,599 tests that were performed. That produced a positivity rate of 10.5 per cent, according to the health ministry. 

Ontario has recorded 1,290,249 lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, including 1,259,578 patients who have recovered. 


The numbers used in this story are found in the Ontario Ministry of Health's COVID-19 Daily Epidemiologic Summary. The number of cases for any city or region may differ slightly from what is reported by the province, because local units report figures at different times. Health experts have said the number of COVID-19 infections identified in fully vaccinated individuals will naturally increase as more people get both of their shots. Top Stories

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