TORONTO -- Toronto’s mayor hopes to bring some energy back to the city in mid-September—telling Life Unmasked that he wants to do something to mark a turning point in the pandemic, assuming public health measures allow such an event to take place this fall.

Will it be a week or weekend full of missed festivities? A series of programs to encourage dining and shopping local? Is there a benefit concert in Toronto’s future?

As a hot spot for COVID-19, Toronto has struggled more than other urban cities to curb the spread of the disease. But in the middle of this struggle, the city also thrived. Programs such as CafeTO and ActiveTO were launched to help give restaurants a fighting chance and allow people an opportunity to travel or get exercise without using public transportation.

On this week’s episode of Life Unmasked, host Ashley Legassic sits down one-on-one with Mayor John Tory about what changed for him during the pandemic, what new programs are here to stay and whether the city will hold a benefit concert similar to the one in 2003 after SARS.

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