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Man who ordered new van says he's still waiting for delivery more than one year later


Supply chain issues and a computer chip shortage have affected the production of new vehicles and led to delays in deliveries to showrooms.

A Scarborough, Ont., man who put a down payment on a vehicle in November 2020 was told he would have to waits months for his new vehicle to arrive.

One year later, he said he is no closer to receiving it.

“I'm so disappointed. I’m so upset," said Samuel Chow, a retired postal employee who has been looking forward to having his new loaded 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle.

The pandemic, a computer chip shortage and the closure of some manufacturing plants due to COVID-19 has led to a backlog in new vehicle production.

Many dealerships are warning car buyers they could have to wait three to six months for their vehicles to be delivered, but Chow said after calling the dealership where he ordered his vehicle every month there is still no sign it will show up anytime soon.

“I've been told the vehicle will come and I’m still waiting. I’m very patient, but it's very inconvenient,” Chow said.

Complicating matters is that when he ordered his new van, not long after, he gave his current van to his daughter for her birthday.

Chow said his wife Sandra also has health issues and they need a vehicle to get her to her medical appointments.

“There are many doctor’s appointments and I always have to borrow a vehicle to get there. There is wheel trans, but they can't always get there on time," Chow said.

The Chrysler dealership has tried to work with Chow and offered him different vehicles they have in stock, but Chow says he doesn't want them.

He could now also receive a 2022 Pacifica model as the 2021 model year is no longer available which is fine with him, but he said he can’t wait much longer.

"Even if I get a 2021, I don't care as long as I get the vehicle that I ordered," Chow said.

CTV News Toronto reached out to Chrysler Canada about the year long delay in Chow receiving his vehicle and a spokesperson for Stellantis, the parent company of Chrysler, said, “Stellantis continues to work closely with our suppliers to mitigate the manufacturing impacts caused by the various supply chain issues facing our industry.”

Chow is holding out hope that one day he'll get his van and said, “I want my vehicle."

Some analysts in the automotive industry have said that supply chain issues could affect new car production for another year or longer.

If you order a new vehicle you may have to be flexible about the colour, trim level and even the model or you could also have to wait to get it. Top Stories

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