The longest-serving speaker of the House of Commons is joining Queen's University in Kingston.

Peter Milliken, a Queen's alumnus and Kingston native, will be a Fellow in the School of Policy Studies.

"I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to do more teaching at Queen's. It's something I've been doing ever since I was elected and I'm happy that I will now be able to do it on a more consistent basis," Milliken said in a statement.

He will be teaching, researching and working in outreach activities in the fields of governance and policy-making in Parliamentary democracies.

"As a champion of parliamentary democracy who served the Parliament of Canada for many years, Peter Milliken's expertise and experience will add a rich perspective to the School of Policy Studies," said Queen's Principal Daniel Woolf.

Milliken was first elected speaker in 2001 and held the title until he retired from politics earlier this year.

He is notable for number of tie-breaking votes he cast, as well as several historic rulings, including preventing a federal election by breaking a tie vote on an amendment to the 2005 federal budget.