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Ontario Greens urge Liberals trying to steal their leader to 'join us'


A group of Ontario Greens have put together a counteroffer for Liberals trying to poach their leader.

“Join us,” a letter released Thursday says.

In their search for a new leader, 40 members of the Ontario Liberal Party publicly reached out to Schreiner to run.

In a statement, the group cites Schreiner’s “strong principle-based approach” and ability to “motivate activists” as some of the reasons why he would make a good candidate for leader.

“Our party needs to rediscover a politics of purpose and principle. We need to reach out to a new generation of voters. We need to open up to new people and new ideas and to embrace the kind of energy and enthusiasm that is driving grassroots activism and engagement across the province,” the Liberal letter reads.

“And that’s why we’re turning to you.”

In response, 75 Green Party members wrote their own tongue-and-cheek letter in which they agree that Schreiner “speaks to the issues Ontarians are facing.”

“You want Mike to lead you, and we don’t blame you,” it reads.

“We agree he’s the leader Ontario needs. And the best part is you can have Mike Schreiner as your leader. Right now. It’s so easy: Join us.”

Among those that signed the leader are constituency association executives as well as Green Party candidates.

“We know we’re a small party, but we’re growing and we’d love for you to grow with us.”

The Ontario Liberals are holding their annual general meeting in early March, where they are set to launch consultations on the leadership election process. They have been without a permanent leader since the party’s devastating loss in 2018.

Veteran MPP for Ottawa South John Fraser has taken the helms as interim leader until a successor has been chosen.

Schreiner, for his part, after spending weeks combatting rumours he would run for the opposing party, said earlier this week that he is considering the proposal.

He asked people to give him “time to think about the arguments.” Top Stories

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