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Investigation into Toronto radio show concludes three months after longtime host John Derringer leaves


An investigation into work environment complaints at Q107's 'Derringer in the Morning' has concluded three months after longtime radio host John Derringer left his position.

 “While personnel matters remain private and confidential, we understand and accept the findings and recommendations,” the radio station posted in a statement on Twitter Tuesday night.

“Where not already in place, we intend to implement the investigator’s recommendations.”

The statement did not detail what these recommendations entailed but it builds on news that Derringer was leaving his position in August after 22-years.

“Q107 and John Derringer have agreed to part ways, effective today,” a statement at the time said.

That move followed Derringer’s former co-host Jennifer Valentyne posting a nearly 13-minute video in May. In it, she revealed verbal abuse, gender discrimination and workplace harassment she personally faced.

She did not mention the names of people or workplaces, but soon after, Deringer was put on hiatus as the company launched an external investigation conducted by Turnpenney Milne LLP.

“What would you do if a co-worker screamed at you, belittled you, called you names, shut you out, brought you to tears, and then laughed when he told you to cry all you want? That he didn’t feel one bit sorry for you, and let you know with utter conviction that if you went to HR, they would choose him?” Valentyne said in the video posted to Instagram on May 21.

Valentyne went on to say that she filed a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which Corus Entertainment, the company that owns Q107, confirmed to CTV News Toronto.

“Sometimes, enough is enough,” she said.

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