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In robocall, Ontario Premier Ford says Toronto voters need to unite behind Saunders


As Toronto mayoral candidates make a final push for votes, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has lent his voice to a robocall supporting Mark Saunders.

"Hi, this is Doug Ford calling. I'm calling to tell you that I'm supporting Mark Saunders for Mayor, number 84 on the ballot," the premier's pre-recorded message begins.

Ford then urges Toronto voters to unite behind Saunders, saying supporting the former police chief is "absolutely critical for the future of the city."

"He's the only one that will keep our taxes low, create thousands of jobs, and keep our streets safe and represent the entire city," Ford says. "Please make sure you, your family and friends all go out and vote for Mark Saunders."

Earlier this week, Ford revealed that he would be casting his ballot for Saunders, saying he will be the best mayor, before reiterating that he would be "staying out of the race."

He then said he'll work alongside whoever wins.

"We go through the democratic process, if (Olivia Chow) gets elected, I'll work with her. We'll sit down and come up with common ground." A day later, Ford would go on to say that if Chow is elected mayor, it would be an "unmitigated disaster" for the city.

Saunders is polling at 12 per cent, according to Mainstreet Research. He is behind Chow (30 percent), Ana Bailao (22 per cent) and Anthony Furey (13 per cent.)

The premier is not the only one doing robocalls. Former mayor John Tory has also been calling Torontonians to endorse Ana Bailao. Tory officially threw his support behind his former deputy mayor earlier this week.

"This election, Ana Bailao is the right choice for mayor," Tory says in the phone call.

Quito Maggi, the president and CEO of Mainstreet Research, told CP24 on Friday that Bailao is the only person who can catch Chow at this point in the race.

"It's still a very long shot," Maggi said. "But if you're Olivia Chow's campaign, you're probably looking in the mirror and saying objects may be closer than they may appear."

The Toronto mayoral byelection is on Monday. Top Stories

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