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'I'm a shooting star': Watch Drake's 5-year-old son in his first public interview

Adonis Graham, left, can be seen alongside Caleb Pressley in an episode of Sundae Conversation (Barstool Sports/YouTube) Adonis Graham, left, can be seen alongside Caleb Pressley in an episode of Sundae Conversation (Barstool Sports/YouTube)

Drake’s five-year-old son just did his first public interview and the youngster had much to say about his friends, learning to read, and life with one of Toronto's most famous rappers.

The Toronto-born rapper recently appeared on Sundae Conversation, a Barstool Sports production hosted by American podcaster Caleb Pressley, and brought his son, Adonis Graham, along.

In a video of the interview uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 12, the young Graham takes questions from Pressley while sipping on a juice box.

Pressley introduces Adonis at the top of the interview as “Drizzy Drake’s son,” to which Adonis asks, “What does that mean?” as he passes his juice box to an off-screen Drake.

Pressley then continues to ask Adonis a series of questions about his school life and friends.

“There’s a lot of friends that are really nice to me,” proclaims Adonis. "They say, 'I like you because you're being nice to me.'"

“And what do they say to you when they’re being mean?” Pressley asks.

“They say, ‘I don’t like you because you’re being mean to me,” Adonis responds.

When asked if he can read, Adonis admits he can’t yet, but that his friend 'Kyle' can.

“Do you think if you had a better dad, you’d be able to read,” Pressley asks.

Adonis, ever loyal, looks at Drake and said, “This is my better dad!”

"That's a funny dad also. He does a lot of jokes,” Adonis adds.

The video then cuts to Drake, who, when asked if Adonis ever gets in the way of his romantic life, says, "No, he definitely just always is vibing out with me, telling me how great I am as a father, like a single father.”

At the end of the video, Pressley cuts back to Adonis and asks him if there's anything else he'd like to say.

"I forgot to say ... that I'm a shooting star," Adonis proclaims.

Fans were seemingly delighted by Adonis' appearance in the video, which has amassed over 2 million views on YouTube at the time of publication, with one commenting, "This one of those interviews where you find yourself smiling the whole time."

"This little man is so cute!" wrote another.

Drake first shared photos of Adonis, whose mother is painter and former adult film star Sophie Brussaux, with the public in March 2020.

Drake's son Adonis. (Instagram/champagnepapi)

In 2017, Brusasaux told TMZ she was pregnant with Drake’s child – a claim the rapper initially denied.

In 2018, rapper Pusha T reignited the rumour that Drake was “hiding a child” with a controversial lyric in one of his songs. Later that year, Drake released his own song with the lyrics: "I wasn't hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid." 

Within his lyrics, Drake has said that he and Brussaux co-parent Adonis. In his album Certified Lover Boy, Drake dubbed himself 'co-parent of the year.'

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