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Drake's son Adonis makes rap debut on his dad's newest album


Cover artist. Basketballer. And now, rapper?

Drake just released his eighth studio album, “For All The Dogs,” and while the project is stacked with a range of featured artists from J. Cole to Bad Bunny, one credit has captured the attention – and hearts – of the fanbase.

Nearing the end of Track 5, 'Daylight,' Drake's five-year-old son Adonis Graham can be heard rapping a verse.

“Don’t talk to my man like that, I like it when you like it. My, my, my, my man," the youngster can be heard singing.

While it is the only song Adonis is featured on vocally, it is not his sole contribution to the album.

The cover art for “For All The Dogs” – a white dog with red eyes – is hand drawn in what appears to be crayon by Drake’s son.

In an Instagram post shared Thursday, more of Adonis’ doodles – like the word ‘DADY,’ the letters ‘BW’ and ‘S,’ and the number 200 – were revealed to be on the back of the album.

The Toronto musician also released a music video of the single “8 AM In Charlotte” that same day, where at the beginning it appears that Adonis is explaining to his father what his album artwork is about.

“The goat was running away from the other monsters and the other animals, and a flower blocking the way,” Adonis said in the video.

“So the flower of fire, the racing car was maybe helping the goat, and there was this – some stairs who’s like a jail stairs and there was one person who was like on tip and he got killed by the track.” 

Drake released his latest album right before his two-night performance with 21 Savage at the Scotiabank Arena, which appears to have rebranded itself as “October’s Very Own Arena” ahead of the concerts. Top Stories

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