Before the Raptors evened up the series on Tuesday night, their team ambassador was gifted a pricey piece of branded fashion.

Raptors president Masai Ujiri presented Drake with a sport coat from clothing maker Garrison Bespoke, worth an estimated $739,000 ($550,000 USD).

“This one’s over the top,” said Michael Nguyen, designer and owner of Garrison Bespoke. “It's the best one I've ever done. Maybe the best I'll ever be.”

The custom-made coat contains 235 hand set diamonds hand embroidered into the shape of Drake's OVO owl logo on one side and a 1.2 carat diamond lapel pin on the other. Both the eyes of the owl logo are also 1.2 carat diamonds.

“The idea of using diamonds like you see here on a jacket take it to the next level,” said Nguyen.

The diamonds were artificially grown by carbon neutral diamond maker, Diamond Foundry out of San Francisco.

The fabric is 100-year-old archival "jersey cloth" sourced from the house of Dormeiul in England by Nguyen. A unique but fitting material, Nguyen said the coat is "the perfect representation of innovative, luxurious, and extremely personalized tailoring."

Nguyen has worked with a number of high-profile individuals, including Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson, LeBron James and Auston Matthews. He says that the concept for the coat was over a year and a half in the making.

Nguyen said that his phone is “ringing off the hook” now that the world has seen the jacket.

“Clients and stylists, from LA, New York (are) calling to enquire about getting their own jacket from the diamond series.”

The Raptors didn't pay for that

As global ambassador to the Raptors, Drake has received a jacket from Garrison in each of the last five years since filling the role. Earlier reports suggested that the coat had been a gift from the team.

Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) were clear in pointing out that they did not pay $739,000 for a coat and that the gift came from Garrison.

"Every fan has found their own way to express their support, and Garrison's, with their jacket for Drake, is certainly unique and memorable," said David Haggith from MLSE.

The presentation is usually on Drake night during the regular season.

It's Good to be Drake

The gift from the Raptors comes on the same week that video surfaced of Drake's new private jet.

A video posted to Instagram by a friend of Drakes shows the lavish interior of the Boeing 767. The jetliner features wood paneling, striped carpet, plush wrap around couches detailed with gold seat belts, tables, a private cabin and a private bedroom.

“Air Drake” likely has plenty of closet space to hang his new jacket, too.