TORONTO -- When the home computer became popular during the 1980s, the desktop model was the standard for the home and office.

Over the years laptops, tablets and even the smartphone have become the choice for many consumers who want to surf the internet and do work on the go.

However, with so many people working from home during the pandemic there has been a shift and according to Consumer Reports the desktop computer is seeing a resurgence in popularity and sales are up.

"There is a trade-off, but we think it may be worth it," according Nicholas De Leon, a tech expert with Consumer Reports.

While laptops have been the choice for many employees because they are great to use on the go and transport between home and office, the desktop computer with a large monitor is becoming the computer of choice.

Computer enthusiast Paul Germain builds his desktop computer himself.

"I can put the best components in, the best video, the best screen, the best processor. I’m not bending over to look at a little tiny screen. Everything’s just the way I want it," said Germain. 

De Leon said there are several reasons to consider a desktop for your home office and when you have a large monitor there is no more hunching over to view a smaller laptop screen.

"Desktops have a large display, impressive computing power and are more ergonomic than laptops," said De Leon.

In Consumer Reports tests researchers gave top marks to the 24-inch all-in-one Apple iMac with an m1 processor which sells for $1,600. Researches said it did well in performance tests and has an excellent display. 

A less expensive option is the HP Envy TE01-1134 full size desktop for $1,100. It was one of the fastest in Consumer Reports tests and scored excellent for ergonomics. 

If you’re tight on space the compact Asus VivoMini VC66-C2 for $960 could be a good fit. 

If you already have a monitor you may need to just upgrade your desktop tower, however new monitors have also improved and dropped in price. 

While you can't take your desktop outside or to the local coffee shop, the power and large display may be worth the trade off.

Consumer Reports said that desktops usually offer more bang for your buck compared to laptops when it comes to performance per dollar spent.