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Huge country music festival cancelled for third time and fans want refunds, answers


One of the largest music festivals in Canada, the Havelock Country Jamboree, was scheduled to be this weekend. But instead, it was cancelled for the third year in a row.

The long-running festival, which has drawn in as many as 20,000 music fans at a time, was cancelled in 2020, then again in 2021 and now a third time in 2022.

Many fans who paid $650 for tickets or more for the four day festival, which is usually held the third weekend in August, say enough is enough and they want their money refunded.

“They were just pushing us off, pushing us off and then they finally said it was cancelled and I'm very angry because $650 is a lot of money to me and some people are out thousands of dollars," said Cheryl-Ann Van Gennip, of Lindsay, Ont.

The Jamboree has been a major draw and celebrated its 30th anniversary in Havelock in 2019. The twin stages have drawn big name acts over the years like Alan Jackson, Reba McEntire, Kris Kristofferson, Loretta Lynn and Brett Kissel.

Mark Shaw of Kingston, Ont. has gone to the Jamboree eleven times before and was looking forward to going again this weekend.

Now that it’s been cancelled for the third time, Shaw said it’s time fans who have supported the festival over the years should be respected and get the refunds they deserve.

“I’m owed $650 dollars and I want that money back because I could use that for other festivals happening out there,” said Shaw who added, “I’m upset because all the years that we gave them our money the least they could do for us is give us back our money."

When CTV News Toronto called the Jamboree office there was a recording that said: “Thanks for calling the Havelock Country Jamboree office, please do not leave a message this is not an answering service. The office is presently closed. Please stay tuned on the website for any updates regarding the show.”

CTV News Toronto also sent emails to the Jamboree website, which were not returned.

It says on the Jamboree website, “In the meantime, as to the issue of refunds, we are working on that as well and will advise as soon as we can.”

The Jamboree website also suggested there could be a festival next year, but they're still trying to figure it out. However, music fans say after three years they deserve answers and refunds now.

“Look, it's cancelled, so it's not happening. I just want my $650 back,” said Van Gennip.

Many fans seeking refunds have joined Facebook groups and have banded together to see how they can get their money back. Top Stories

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