A dashboard camera that belongs to a Scarborough driver caught a frightening incident on Highway 401 where a tire from another vehicle came loose and smashed into the man's car.

Andrew Sukhdeo said the incident happened at approximately 3 p.m. Tuesday while he was driving home from work. He said he was travelling westbound on Hwy. 401, near Salem Road, when a tire from another vehicle that was heading eastbound came loose. The tire bounced across the median and flew in the direction of Sukhdeo's 2014 Toyota Corolla, eventually hitting it.

"Everything was happening so quickly that there was not time to react or think," Sukhedeo told CTV Toronto's Scott Lightfoot on Wednesday night. "I just kind of ducked."

The incident was captured on Sukhdeo's dashboard camera, and the video was later uploaded to YouTube.

Sukhdeo was not injured. He said the tire struck the top of his windshield, breaking the sunroof and denting a part of the car frame.

He said an OPP officer showed up shortly after the incident and his car was towed.

Sukhdeo says his car, which is insured, is currently in an auto body shop, but he doesn't not the total cost of the damage.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Scott Lightfoot