TORONTO - The world's biggest Bollywood bash makes its North American debut in Toronto today with a three-day showcase of South Asian film, music and fashion.

The International Indian Film Academy celebrations promise to unleash a carnival of Indian song, dance and matinee idols.

It all leads up to a performance-laden awards ceremony Saturday.

Thousands of fans are expected to greet celebrities arriving for a world premiere film screening tonight, while a star-studded music and fashion show is the marquee event tomorrow.

Luminaries in town include "Slumdog Millionaire" actor Anil Kapoor.

The IIFAs are an annual touring event meant to promote South Asian film abroad.

Previous festivals have been held in London, Malaysia, Dubai, Amsterdam, Singapore, Bangkok, Macau and Johannesburg.

Project head Noreen Khan says Toronto is seen as a gateway to the North American market, in large part because of the city's high-profile international film festival.