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Auto theft reached 'historic highs' in Ontario last year. Here are the most stolen vehicles


Auto theft in Ontario reached “historic highs” last year with Honda CR-Vs as the most stolen vehicle in the province, according to a recent report.

Équité Association, an organization with the goal of reducing crime and insurance fraud, released its list of the top 10 most stolen vehicles in Ontario and across Canada.

Honda CR-V SUVs were the most stolen vehicle in Ontario last year, with 2,684 cars stolen. They were also the most stolen cars in Canada overall, with over 5,600 thefts last year.

“Auto thefts in 2022 reached historical highs, with Ontario increasing by 48 per cent and Quebec up 50 per cent, putting Canada in the spotlight internationally as a source country for illegal trade,” a news release by the company states.

“Auto theft is more than an insurance problem; it is a serious issue that is threatening public safety. The proceeds from auto theft are known to fund organized crime and terrorism, both domestically and internationally.”

Last month, the Toronto Police Service recovered over 1,000 vehicles with an estimated $60 million during a year-long investigation into the thefts of cars and catalytic converters in the city’s west end.

So far, in 2023, Toronto police said they’re aware of 9,747 vehicles stolen in the city, including more than 3,500 stolen in 22 and 23 Divisions during the joint investigation.

"The auto theft problem in our country is only getting worse," Équité Association's VP of Investigative Services, Bryan Gast, said in a release.

"Organized crime continues to look to Canada as a source nation for stolen vehicles where the financial reward is high and the risk of prosecution is low."

The report reveals that Lexus RX Series vehicles are the second-most stolen vehicles in Ontario, with 1,707 thefts, and Dodge Ram 1500 pick-up trucks are next with 1,405 reported thefts. Compared to 2021's list, 147 Ram trucks were reportedly stolen, showing a drastic jump in thefts for this kind of vehicle.

New to the list are Acura RDX SUVs, with just shy of 460 thefts reported in 2022.

The top 10 most stolen vehicle types -- including the make, model, and vehicle type – last year in Ontario are as follows:

1. Honda CR-V (2020), SUV, 2,684 thefts

2. Lexus RX Series (2020), SUV, 1,707 thefts

3. Dodge RAM 1500 Series (2022), Truck, 1,405 thefts

4. Toyota Highlander (2021), SUV, 1,344 thefts

5. Land Rover Range Rover (2020), SUV, 1,225 thefts

6. Ford F150 Series (2020), SUV, 1,225 thefts

7. Jeep Grand Cherokee (2021), SUV, 766 thefts

8. Jeep Wrangler (2021), SUV, 689 thefts

9. Honda Civic (2019), Sedan, 630 thefts

10. Acura RDX (2021), SUV, 459 thefts


In addition to the increase in auto theft, Équité Association found that private auto insurers paid out $1.2 billion in theft claims last year.

This has caused some insurance companies to raise rates if the car is at a higher risk of being stolen.

“At a time when inflation and affordability are putting excess strain on consumers, Canadian’s are paying more to cover the costs associated with auto theft – from law enforcement and court resources, the physical and emotional consequences, to the general economic crisis,” the organization said.

According to RatesDotca, in some cases, a 35-year-old man driving a 2020 Honda CR-V in Toronto with no prior convictions saw his comprehensive insurance premium increase 26 per cent over the last year. Top Stories


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