Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may be facing heat at city hall, but that didn’t stop him from bracing the cold Saturday to participate in the Santa Claus Parade in Etobicoke.

Despite calls from several residents that Ford not attend this year's festivities in light of the scandals swirling around him, the mayor showed no sign of concern as he handed out candy canes and greeted crowds in the heart of Ford Nation.

Many residents attending the parade were eager to meet Ford, often coming up tell the embattled mayor that he was doing a great job at city hall.

“I encounter it in a lot of places, a lot of people still like Rob Ford,” said Doug Holyday, MPP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore and Ford’s former deputy mayor.

While the mayor was asked to stay away from the Santa Claus Parade in held in downtown Toronto two weeks ago, Etobicoke parade organizers said Ford was not formally uninvited from their yearly event.

“It’s a very special time, I want everyone to enjoy it, relax and give each other a lot of love,” Ford said.

The mayor also said he’s looking forward to 2014. “It’s a new year, you move on, that’s all we can say.”

The 23rd annual parade traveled along Lake Shore Blvd. W., from near Royal York Rd. to Browns Line.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Natalie Johnson