A 12-year-old skateboarder has been taken to the Hospital for Sick Children after an unmarked police cruiser struck him.

The boy was with a friend on Monday afternoon, trying to cross against the lights at Keele Street and Glenlake Avenue, which is north of Bloor St.

The collision threw the boy almost five metres. He was released Monday evening after treatment for bruises and abrasions.

A collision reconstruction team was dispatched to the scene to try and determine what happened.

Meanwhile, an incident on Highway 401 left motorists frustrated but no one injured.

A truck hauling a load of soil dropped part of it in the eastbound express lanes near Bayview Avenue at about 1 p.m. With part of the load out, the truck driver couldn't close the tailgate properly so all the soil had to be unloaded.

A backhoe was brought in to scoop it up. However, some of the clay stuck to the road, so crews had to wash the road surface down.

One lane of traffic was able to squeak through during the cleanup process.

The OPP have charged the truck's driver with carrying an unsecured load.