Two people are dead after multiple collisions involving a carjacking and an attempted busjacking occurred in Brampton and Toronto on Friday morning.

The initial collision took place in Brampton near McLaughlin Road and Steeles Avenue at around 1 a.m.

A male was pronounced dead on scene.

The deceased was identified as 60-year-old Eddie Chavez Alquinto, of Brampton. His wife who was a passenger in the vehicle was taken to hospital in serious condition.

Toronto police say that in the wake of the incident one of the parties involved carjacked a black vehicle and fled the scene, though it is unclear whether it was a vehicle that was involved in the collision.

About 20 minutes later, police say that vehicle struck a pedestrian near Kipling and Steeles Avenue in Toronto. The pedestrian, a 20-year-old male, was rushed to hospital in critical condition where he later succumbed to his injuries.

The vehicle, meanwhile, did not stop and continued traveling eastbound.

The vehicle was then involved in a multi-vehicle collision near Weston Road and Steeles Avenue a short time later.

At that point, police say that the male suspect got out of the vehicle and attempted to steal a TTC bus. He was, however, taken into custody at the scene.

Peel Regional Police say that Toronto police transported the suspect to a trauma centre with unspecified injuries.

He has since been identified as 30-year-old Martin Hines of Orangeville.

He was charged with multiple offences including dangerous driving causing death, failure to remain causing death, theft over $5,000 and robbery.

He is being held in custody pending a bail hearing.

A resident in the vicinity of the initial collision said she heard a "horrific" sound from her bedroom and went outside to see what was going on. The resident said she arrived at the scene to find a man lying motionless on the ground and a woman who told him she had just been carjacked.

"I didn't touch him but I went to the woman who was carjacked. Her face was bleeding and she was in complete shock. She kept saying, 'Why me? Why me?'" the witness, identified only as Chris, said.

The woman reportedly told her that she tried to help the suspect before being attacked.

"She said, 'He asked for help, I tried to help him. He took my car and smashed my car,'" Chris said.

Police said the scope of the debris left behind by the ordeal was extensive.

"In my 32 years, I've not seen a debris field this large. When I got here on scene, we've got hoods on the boulevard 50 metres away."

Police say the investigation is ongoing.