The City of Toronto plans to hire a company to study the possibility of implementing tolls major roadways.

In a document issued last week, city staff wrote that the municipal government is seeking a third party to study whether Toronto should impose tolls on the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway.

The city is asking for proposals from companies that would be able to complete a study examining what type of toll technology would be best suited for the roadways, and where toll booths would be placed. It would also look at how to implement tolls, and enforce that drivers are paying the appropriate rates.

The city is asking that the company that wins the contract also consider base tolls and how prices may differentiate by vehicle type or time of day. The study will also look at whether residents should be exempt from paying tolls.

Included in the contract, the company conducting the city would be required to look at how tolls may affect public transit.

The City of Toronto has considered tolls for the Gardiner and DVP since the early 1990s, but has never gone beyond the initial planning stages, the proposal request said.

"Tolling would provide a revenue source for funding ongoing capital and operating costs for (aging infrastructure) and/or general revenue for the city of other transportation alternatives."

The study would be limited to the two routes into the city, but may also take into account the wider impact of tolls in Toronto.

Those interested in bidding for the study contract have until April 11 to submit their ideas to the city. More information on the requirements is available online.