Toronto police are warning the public on Thursday about robocalls spoofing its non-emergency number.

Police spokesperson Allyson Douglas-Cook said they have received reports from people that have been getting these calls showing their non-emergency number -- 416-808-2222.

The robocalls, which are in Mandarin, have been asking for credit card information, said Douglas-Cook.

She said it led to people calling Toronto police to verify if police have contacted them and requested certain information.

"The Toronto police will never call and request any kind information, especially credit card information," said Douglas-Cook,

These calls are relatively new, said Douglas-Cook, but it is enough of a concern to warn the public about these calls.

She said police will be investigating to determine who is behind these calls.

"It is essentially fraud," said Douglas-Cook.

She said the non-emergency number would not show up if police contact a person or return a call.

"If anyone sees this number and receives any request for information, this is not the Toronto police," said Douglas-Cook.