Getting into a restaurant or bar in Ontario this holiday season means that guests will need to show proof of their vaccination status before entering.

And as the last few months have shown, accessing that information in time to show staff can sometimes be a challenge as you scroll through your phone or rummage to find a printed version of the document.

That’s why a Toronto company has taken it upon themselves to develop a slightly less embarrassing way to prove you’ve fully vaccinated -- just by putting on a sweater.

Dubbed the “Ugly Sweater Passport,” the garment was developed by local creative agency The Hive and features the wearer’s unique vaccination status QR code which is embedded into the design.

“The vaccine code is so cold and government-y,” said Mitch Duesling, associate creative director, The Hive. “We felt the Ugly Sweater Passport was a nice way to add some classic holiday fun and joy into the COVID holiday season.”

The Hive said that the code is scannable and will work to gain you entry into any business that requires proof of vaccination.

The sweater, which the company said it is not a replacement for official government documents, will only display the wearer's name and date of birth for privacy reasons.

And although The Hive admits that the code works “most of the time,” users are encouraged to have their vaccine certificate and identification handy when they’re going out.

The sweaters aren’t for sale, but people can sign up at for a chance to get one of the garments for free.