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'Super approachable': Mark Wahlberg shows up for workout at Toronto gym, slings drinks to locals

Mark Wahlberg made the rounds at various establishments in Toronto this week. (@markwahlberg/Instagram) Mark Wahlberg made the rounds at various establishments in Toronto this week. (@markwahlberg/Instagram)

Mark Wahlberg has crashed yet another gym in Ontario, and this time, he was joined by a beloved former Maple Leafs player.

The Boston native crashed F45 Training Toronto Downtown gym, located at King West and University Avenue, Tuesday morning with Tie Domi, his wife Heather and daughter Carlin.

Philip Cormier, owner and operator of the downtown Toronto branch, told CTV News Toronto the celebrity duo attended a private class with friends, family, and other F45 gym trainers.

In various videos shared on social media, Domi and Wahlberg can be seen doing various exercises, posing for photos, and even breaking out into dance mid-workout.

“[Wahlberg’s] super approachable, everyone had a time to speak with them, take a picture, and same thing with Tie,” Cormier told CTV News Toronto Wednesday. “Just watching their dynamic together, it’s super fun, like honestly, just the whole class had a very fire ambiance to it.”

This isn’t the first time the pair dropped by at the downtown Toronto gym either.

“This is the second time they’ve come, they came about four years ago in a very similar scenario. We have a long-standing relationship with both of them,” Cormier said.

Even outside of Toronto, Wahlberg made a surprise visit last summer at an F45 gym in Collingwood, Ont., last summer, which he arrived at via helicopter.

But Wahlberg’s surprise Toronto visits did not stop at the gym.

The 52-year-old actor slung some shots and drinks to guests at the Ritz Carlton hotel and at Moxies, including his own Marky Marg cocktail.

Wahlberg also dropped by an LCBO in Summerhill in promotion of Flecha Azul Blanco Tequila – a liquor brand he has invested in. Yet another Domi joined Wahlberg here, as this time Max Domi swung by to snap some shots with those at the store. Top Stories

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