TORONTO -- Grocery stores say the demand for online shopping has more than tripled and staff are having trouble keeping up.

If you order groceries online, you could be waiting for two weeks whether you have them delivered to your home or pick them up yourself at pick-up point at a grocery store.

Ala Baker, a Markham senior, says she has had success with online shopping in the past, but due to COVID-19 there are now huge delays and her last order of $165 in groceries went missing. 

“I’m not sure where it is but whoever got my order also got bird seed and kitty treats," Baker said.

Baker said she followed up with the company and has since received a refund for her order. 

Caledon woman Mona Virk is shopping for her family of four, as well as her in-laws. 

“I’m grateful for the service,” Virk said. “The whole situation is new for all of us. It’s new for us shoppers and the grocery store people who work there."

Virk said the Fortinos grocery store in her area doesn’t do home delivery, but it does allow customers to order online and then they go pick it up. Virk said it’s a good system as long you're organized.

“The time slots are about two weeks out so you really need to plan ahead for what you want and what will stay fresh in the fridge," Virk said.

Walmart Canada told CTV News Toronto that “demand for online grocery orders through continues to be very high." 

"The team is doing their very best, working hard and fulfilling tens of thousands of orders every day.” 

Meanwhile, Loblaws said the demand for pick-up has more than doubled in recent weeks. 

If you order online, you might also be given substitute items as some supplies are running low. Grocery store chains say they are trying to add more pick-up and delivery times for online customers.