A Scarborough mother remains in hospital suffering from third-degree burns after a firebombing on Wednesday that may have been a revenge hit.

Police are looking into the possibility the attack stemmed from an earlier altercation at a nearby school that involved one of the three children in the family.

Neighbours say a flaming vodka bottle filled with gasoline -- known as a Molotov cocktail -- smashed through the family's Gilroy Drive home in the Kennedy and Ellesmere area, setting the mother and daughter alight.

Jeyaluckshni Anandarajah, 44, was in critical condition in Sunnybrook hospital Wednesday night. Her 12-year-old daughter suffered second-degree burns, but her two teenaged sons were unhurt in the 3 a.m. attack.

The injured woman's husband described what she is going through in hospital.

"Surgery for one hand (is) already done and surgery for the other hand too (will happen) next weekend," Subramaniam Anandarajah said. He added that skin grafts will be needed to repair the burns she experienced.

Firefighters arrived at the home to find the front window broken and fire raging inside -- a blaze that eventually destroyed much of the home.

The mother and daughter had reportedly been sleeping in the living room of the bungalow when the attack occurred.

As many as 10 suspects, between the ages of 17 and 23, are being sought by police.

Investigators said Wednesday they suspected arson, and hadn't ruled out the possibility that the attack was connected to a stabbing at Winston Churchill Collegiate, in the Kennedy and Lawrence area.

The stabbing left a 19-year-old male with non-life threatening injuries. The victim had reportedly recently stuck up for Pream Anandarajah, one of the Anandarajah's teenage sons who is a student Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute, according to reports.

According to one of Pream's friends, who spoke to the Toronto Star, the 18-year-old had been targeted by bullies for more than a year, and was worried they were planning to come after his family.

"He was telling me yesterday he was scared, that he thought they were going to come and bother the family," Pream's friend, who asked not to be named due to fears for his own safety, told the Star.

The friend said Anandarajah is small and was often targeted by a group of Sri Lankan youths known as the BNS gang.

While police released few details, they confirmed the teen was involved in an altercation the night before.

Teens who spoke with CTV News on Wednesday, but also refused on-camera interviews, said both incidents may be related to some alleged fighting, a car accident and bullying at the school.

On Tuesday night, a 17-year-old boy was sent to hospital after being stabbed outside Winston Churchill Collegiate, in the Kennedy and Lawrence area.

Police are asking anyone who may have more information in the case to come forward.