The head of the TTC says commuters have nothing to fear when it comes to the safety of public transit.

TTC Chair Adam Giambrone made the comments Tuesday morning, after a woman stumbled onto a midtown bus with stab wounds.

The woman, believed to be 30 years old, was stabbed in the abdomen and thigh. Police say she was stabbed inside a residence near Mount Pleasant Road and Eglinton Avenue but left the home and boarded a bus.

Someone on the bus noticed the woman was bleeding and called police.

Toronto police are investigating the incident as a domestic dispute.

Giambrone said the Toronto Transit Commission is implementing a safety plan that was outlined by an independent safety consultant. The plan includes surveillance cameras on all buses.

"We went and hired an outside safety consultant to be able to put together a plan, which is in the implementation stages," he said outside City Hall Tuesday morning.

"In fact we've already seen incidents around safety improve by 10 per cent."

A suspect in Monday night's stabbing was arrested at the Redpath Avenue bus stop, police said.

Meanwhile, the victim is in stable condition at Sunnybrook hospital.