He has remained faceless and nameless for the past four years but that might all change now that Toronto police have released a 3-D model of a man whose remains were found in 2003.

The mystery began in June 2003 when skeletal remains were discovered at the Eglinton Flats, in a wooded area near the soccer fields at the northwest corner of Jane Street and Eglinton Avenue.

It is believed the remains were there at least a year. Investigators say they do not suspect foul play was involved in his death.

"Foul play was not suspected or it would have been ruled a homicide," Det. Paul Drury told CTV.ca. "An autopsy was unable to determine a cause of death and that was one of the big stumbling blocks in our investigation."

Drury said he thinks the man might have been homeless and could have been seeking shelter in the woods when he collapsed.

His remains were found after an anonymous caller called a local newspaper with a tip.

At the time police released a detailed description of the man but nobody identified him.

Because of the nature of the case, it wasn't a priority for investigators until the University of Toronto wanted to take on the case as part of a new research project.

On Tuesday, police with the help from Forensic Identification Services and the Biomedical Communications Department at the University of Toronto, produced a video showing what the man likely looked like. The images show a man with different hair styles, different eye colour and facial hair.

"This is the first time this has been done with this type of software," Drury said. "From a forensics standpoint, this will be the state-of-the-art way of doing things in the future."

He said the picture is believed to be an "extremely accurate" depiction of the man.

"I'm hoping this makes people start thinking again," Staff Sgt. Dennis Buligan told CTV Toronto. "Someone must know him. He had family at one point."

This is how the man's physique was described:

  • Between 30 and 50 years old with a medium build
  • Estimated height between 5'8 and 5'10
  • Crooked nose and a long, thin face
  • The man's teeth were stained from either coffee or tobacco use and he was missing several teeth as well
  • Broken ribs on his left lower side and injured or broken bones on the outer palms of both hands. Authorities believe this may be the result of being involved in heavy or repetitive labour
  • Extensive damage to his left knee

He was wearing:

  • White knee-length apron over red "Jerzees" brand tank top
  • Jeans, unknown colour
  • Black leather or vinyl belt with a rectangular metal buckle
  • Teal and white-coloured "Brooks" brand high-top sneakers with a yellow trim
  • A ring with a solid metal band with cuts around the circumference
  • Bracelet with a solid metal u-shaped band with rope design around circumference

Anyone with information on the identity of this man should call Toronto police at 416-808-1200.