Police have made an arrest in connection with a pair of 2010 armed robberies, one of which resulted in an employee being shot in the shoulder.

The botched robbery took place at a phone store in the Finch Avenue and Weston Road area on September 20, 2010.

Police say that the two suspects with bandanas concealing their faces entered the premises.

One of the suspects then allegedly pulled out a handgun from his waistband while the other chased several customers from the store.

The suspect with the gun then demanded cash and phones from an employee before shooting him in the shoulder.

Both men then removed cash from the till and fled the scene.

The employee, meanwhile, was rushed to hospital, where he received treatment for the gunshot wound.

Police further allege that the same suspect who fired the gun was also responsible for another armed robbery about five weeks previous.

That robbery took place on August 13, 2010 at a motel near Evans Avenue and The East Mall.

Police say the suspect entered the motel with a sweater pulled around his face and proceeded to point a firearm at an employee and demand cash. He then fled the scene with an unspecified quantity of money.

Muse Abdirahim, 28, of Toronto, was arrested on May 13 in connection with both robberies.

He is facing 12 charges, including attempted murder and two counts of robbery with a firearm.

Police say that they have not yet identified the second suspect in the phone store robbery.