TORONTO -- Ontario Premier Doug Ford is releasing his much-loved cheesecake recipe Friday, one that he’s boasted about on Twitter and even during an official COVID-19 news conference. 

"I make the best cherry cheesecake ever. I do it from scratch. No recipe, I got it down pat,” Ford told reporters on Monday. 

“You can tell I've eaten one too many cheesecakes. That's my problem."

UPDATED: Ontario Premier Doug Ford reveals his 'famous' cherry cheesecake recipe

Ford released a trailer on Twitter Thursday of himself in a kitchen making what he calls, the “famous premier’s cheesecake.”

“Do you know what one of the most popular ways to manage stress is? Baking! Stay tuned for some long-weekend inspiration,” Ford said in the Tweet. 

In the trailer, Ford can be seen smoothing out the crust of the cake and then dabbing on a thick layer of cherries on top of his cheesecake. 

“If I wasn’t premier, I would open up a cheesecake factory,” he says in the video.

A video and the official recipe are expected to be released Friday morning.