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Ontario man makes history crossing all five Great Lakes


Mike Shoreman has done it. The Toronto-born man has crossed all five Great Lakes in one summer on a paddleboard.

”It’s been a lot so I’m very emotional, but I’m really happy,” Shoreman said after reaching the northwest shore of Lake Ontario in Toronto on Saturday.

His mother Bernadette said her son likes to think big, “and here we are today. He's crossed them all, it's amazing!”

The last time someone completed the journey was in 1988. According to Shoreman and his team, this is the very first time the feat has been accomplished by a person with a disability.

“I don't know how he came up with this idea, but it's pretty incredible,” said Shoreman's father, Roger.

“And to do all five lakes it's pretty amazing.”

Shoreman started his journey in May at Lake Erie, before paddling through Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and Lake Michigan.

Mike Shoreman is seen in this image crossing one of the five Great Lakes on his paddleboard.

Shoreman was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome in 2018, severely impacting his vision, speech and mobility -- bringing his paddleboarding business to a halt.

He said his Great Lakes adventure was inspired by wanting to give back to those who helped him during what he describes as a mental breakdown following his diagnosis.

He partnered with, a national youth mental health organization, to support the cause.

“My goal with this is to help put mental health programs and services that they provide in schools, high schools, colleges and universities here in Ontario,” said Shoreman, “and in every provinces and territory.”

Mike Shoreman speaks to reporters after successfully crossing all five Great Lakes on his paddleboard.

Shoreman’s resiliency and message rippling through his supporters, and inspiring those who have watched his journey.

“Mike did it. It shows how successful he is. What an accomplishment. He has set a great example for young Canadians,” said former mayor of Mississauga Hazel Mccallion, who was in attendance as Shoreman reached the shore.

“Canadian young people are watching this and they're seeing Canadians show up and they're seeing that people care. And that's really important,” Shoreman said.

So far, Shoreman and his team have raised almost $64,000 dollars for

Their website will remain open as they push to reach their fundraising goal of $100,000 dollars. Top Stories

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