TORONTO -- Some drivers getting new licence plates have expressed concerns that they still have to get the blue licence plates despite the fact the government admitted there were problems.

Staff at Service Ontario locations are continuing to hand out the new licence plates while the province gets the green light for an “enhanced licence plate” that is in development.

Asad Abbas told CTV News Toronto that he needs to replace his old plates because they were peeling. He said he likes the new slogan, but isn’t pleased with plates’ visibility issues.

“Older ones are much better. It is readable and in the nighttime we can see what numbers is on it,” said Abbas from as he put on his new plates outside a Service Centre location on Don Mills Road.

licence plate

Lorna Ventura said she wasn’t told about the plates being defective.

“My old plate number is peeling off I came here for new lamination,” said Ventura from the parking lot on O’Connor Drive.

Some drivers and front line police officers have complained the new plates are unreadable at night.

The City of Toronto said its red light cameras can’t capture the lights plates accurately.

New plates in development

The Ontario government has said that 49, 000 plates have already been issued, but a new plate is in development and is expected to be available in less than three weeks.

“The contract with 3M Canada requires delivery of a product that is free from manufacturing defects, imperfections and/or design deficiencies that may affect operation, appearance or serviceability,” the statement said from of the Minister of Government and Consumer Services.

Licence plate

“Our government has been clear to 3M Canada that our expectation is they will cover the cost of the replacement licence plates.”

The government said people who have already the new plate will be provided with an enhanced version through the mail.

About 218,000 plates have been produced

There are still 134, 000 plates at Service Ontario locations across the province and as of February 19, 218,000 plates had been produced.

“We have heard the concerns of Ontarians and have taken their feedback seriously, which is why our government has continued to work with the leadership of 3M Canada to determine a path forward,” said the release.

“We want to reassure Ontarians that the current plate does not pose a risk to public safety.”