Veterinarians at a St. Clair Avenue West clinic have named a kitten Hope after she was rescued from a nearby trash can, soaked in coffee and hypothermic.

The four-week-old kitten was found on Wednesday after a couple of passersby could hear her cries as they walked by a city trash can.

The couple alerted the staff at St. Clair Veterinary, who spent 15 minutes sifting through the garbage can before they were able to reach Hope.  

“We called her Hope because everyone hoped she would survive,” veterinary technician Pilar Carbone told CTV Toronto on Friday.

She said if the kitten had been any younger when she was abandoned, she likely wouldn’t have survived.

Carbone said since Hope was rescued, she has been getting stronger each day.

“Most important thing is that she got warmer, and we dried (her) with a hair dryer and tried to clean and stimulate (her) with massages,” said Carbone. “It was the first good sign that she was reacting.”

However, Carbone wonders why those who abandoned Hope did not just leave her at the clinic doors, about 10 metres away from the trash can.

Carbone said Hope will remain at the clinic until she is healthy enough to be put up for adoption.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Ashley Rowe