Mounted police in riot gear descended on protesters Thursday afternoon to break up a gathering outside the U.S. Consulate.

The group had congregated outside the University Avenue building after gathering at Queen's Park earlier Thursday.

The group of some 100 people marched throughout the downtown core with various signs. At one point a U.S. flag was burned as well as a European Union flag.

The group then formed outside the U.S. consulate where they tried to storm a line of police at various times. The mounted unit moved in line through the crowd to disperse the group.

"We will continue to assess the crowd and any information that we get. But at this time we believe we have sufficient officers at the scene," said Toronto Police spokeswoman Wendy Drummond.

The group, which has held similar rallies over the past few months, is protesting violence in the African country following an election.

The Democratic Republic of Congo held a presidential election in late November, which remains in dispute. Opposition candidates have accused the incumbent President Joseph Kabila of fraud and threaten to reject the outcome of the vote.

In December, three people were arrested after a clash with police outside the downtown consulate, where as many as 150 Congolese protesters chanted in the streets.