The mother of the 17-year-old who was fatally shot in Mississauga Saturday in what police described as an “ambush-style” shooting said she does not understand why her son was killed.

Raechon Elahie said Jonathan Davis had just returned home from shopping before he was caught up in a shooting behind an apartment complex near Morning Star and Goreway drives.

Davis was about to leave the apartment complex to spend the night with his father when he ran back to change his shoes and was shot.

“I don’t know why this happened and I’m playing it back in my head over and over and I don’t have words,” she said, holding back tears.

“I don’t mean to cry. I’m tough, I’m strong I can handle stuff but this, this is the worst.” 

Jonathan Davis, 17, was killed in a shooting on Saturday. (Supplied)

Five others were wounded in the attack, including a 13-year old girl, a 16-year-old boy and two other 17-year-old-boys. Four of the five victims are still in hospital as of Tuesday afternoon.

Police said the suspects were targeting a group of teens who were filming a rap video when the shots first rang out. Davis was not part of the group recording the video.

“I was outside and I heard pop, pop, pop. I paid it no mind. I thought it was fireworks,” Elahie said. “All of sudden I just heard everybody screaming and running in every direction.”

"I saw a bunch of people crowding a body. I picked him up but he wasn't breathing. People said 'don't pick him up' but I said 'he's my son.'"

"I wiped his face and I saw the wound on his head. And I pressed it. Put pressure on his head.I couldn’t help him. I couldn’t help him."

On Monday, Elahie's best friend Selma Alincy spoke to CTV News Toronto, saying she recieved a call from her just after the shooting.

“She called me, she just screamed and said ‘Jonathan,’” Alincy said.

“She was just beside herself. No parent should ever go through that, it’s a day that I will never forget.”

“She was trying to help her son and she couldn’t.”

Selma Alincy rushed to the scene after learning about the shooting. (CTV News Toronto / Tracy Tong)

“His father was here, he was going to his fathers’ house for the weekend,” Alincy said.

“He had his slippers on and noticed, so went back to change his shoes and he did not make it back.” Alincy said. “He was smart young man. He helped his mom, he helps his dad who is going blind."

Davis' father Linton spoke about the loss of his son during a sit-down interiview.

"I miss him so much right now. It's more than words can say" he said.

"This guy is so.... I don't know how to compare him. He was not mixed up in anything. He was satisfied with what he had."

Jonathan Davis was planning to visit his father Linton (pictured here) before he was shot and killed. (CTV News Toronto/Tracy Tong)

Meanwhile, Alincy has organized a GoFundMe to help Davis’ parents pay for the funeral arrangements.

“No parent ever thinks that they would have to bury their child, and this is something my friend will have to do,” Alincy wrote.

“At this time a financial contribution would be accepted and appreciated by the family, should you choose to do to assist.”

Additional support has been put in place at Davis’ high school for students and staff following his death.

A spokeswoman for the Peel District School Board said members of the board's Critical Incident Response Team will be at Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School as long as they’re needed.

Police investigate after the fatal shooing. (CTV News Toronto)

At a news conference on Sunday afternoon, Peel Police Chief Chris McCord said that investigators believe the suspects were motivated, at least in part, by a rap video that had been shot in the same parkette released earlier this week.

That video, he said, contained information “challenging other people within the community.”

“We believe their (the suspects’) motive for coming here was to target those individuals shooting the rap video. There just happened to be a lot of people outside – it was a nice night last night – and they became victims caught up in this attack,” he said.

Peel Regional Police are still looking for at least seven suspects in the case.

Investigators said the suspects descended on the area surrounding an apartment complex, firing semi-automatic handguns indiscriminately.

A vigil will be held for Davis on Friday September 20 at the Malton Community Centre at 6 p.m.

With files from CTV News Toronto's Tracy Tong and Sean Davidson