TORONTO -- The City of Mississauga has released a list of the top cat and dog names registered in 2019.

"Smokey" topped the list as the most popular name for a cat, while "Max" is the name chosen most often for a dog.

Here is the full list:



1. Smokey

2. Tigger

3. Tiger

4. Kitty

5. Max

6. Simba

7. Charlie

8. Shadow

9. Lucky

10. Princess



1. Max

2. Bella

3. Charlie

4. Bailey

5. Buddy

6. Coco

7. Rocky

8. Lucky

9. Molly

10. Toby


Mississauga released the list as a way to encourage people to register their pets with the city.  The registration allows Animal Services to reunite lost pets with their owners and helps fund animal shelters.