Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti, while saying his poll numbers have been slowly climbing, told a news conference that his mayoral quest is over.

"Perhaps the city isn't ready for a mayor like me," he said Monday, but added he will seek the position again in the future.

Mammoliti had been one of six major candidates in the bid to replace Mayor David Miller in the Oct. 25 municipal election. There are now a total of 30 candidates.

He has become the seventh candidate to withdraw. The other high-profile candidate to end his mayoral bid was Coun. Adam Giambrone, the TTC chair who quit after news he had engaged in affairs surfaced.

Mammoliti will try to stay on as councillor for Ward 7, York West. Giambrone has said he won't be running to retain his Ward 18 Davenport council seat.

"I will not endorse any candidate" at this time, Mammoliti said, adding he will go on vacation for a few weeks and consider the matter.

He did ask that minor mayor candidate Rocco Achampong be allowed to take his place at any future mayoral debates.

Mammoliti allowed Achampong to speak at the news conference. That candidate's views appear to be very similar to Mammoliti's on some issues.

"We must limit reliance on the property tax base," Achampong said. "We must generate new revenue streams for the city's coffers. We can't always go back to the taxpayers to fund our new ostentations."

Over the course of his campaign, Mammoliti had touted a floating casino and a red-light district as ways to raise city revenues.

He had also suggested arming bylaw officers and eliminating property taxes for low-income seniors.

"Those kind of outside-the-box kinds of concepts perhaps aren't ready for the City of Toronto," Mammoliti said.

He did say he will work on cultivating a more serious image if voters return him to council. "I like to have fun, I'll continue to have fun, but I have to improve my image with the media," he said.

"Perhaps taking off my shirt … I've had fun, but those kinds of stunts have to finish."

With a report from CTV Toronto's Alicia Markson