Lawyers for three people who have been charged in connection with an undercover investigation into auto insurance claims were in court on Thursday.

Legal representatives for a paralegal and a chiropractor and receptionist at a Toronto wellness clinic appeared in a North York courtroom after the trio was charged with fraud-related offences in connection with an alleged insurance fraud claim.

As exclusively reported by CTV Toronto and W5, police laid charges after viewing an undercover video that was captured at a Toronto clinic last year. The video appears to show staff members "coaching" patients on how to get more out of their claims.

The hidden-camera video was shot by Aviva Insurance, and was presented to Toronto police, who then laid the charges.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

None of the accused appeared in court on Thursday, but their lawyers asked for disclosure of evidence and want time to review the information before the next court date.

The hidden cameras were worn by two undercover operatives hired by Aviva to pose as accident victims with no injuries.

Their video-taped appointments at a wellness clinic in North York detail interactions with the chiropractor, receptionist and a paralegal in an office nearby.

In order to continue the investigation, Aviva paid the clinic thousands of dollars for treatments it knew the undercover agents never received.

Police have charged the chiropractor and receptionist with three counts each of fraud, and the paralegal was charged with two counts of fraud and possession of property obtained by crime. CTV's W5 went to the clinic to get comments on the case, but staff refused.

Investigators said the Ontario College of Chiropractors is also conducting an investigation.

The case returns to court on April 14.