TORONTO -- Police fired stun guns and a bean-bag round at a man who allegedly drew a knife to confront them while stealing valuables from cars parked in a downtown Toronto parking garage early on Wednesday morning.

Police said that sometime early Wednesday morning, they were called to a parking garage on Adelaide Street for a report that a male was damaging cars.

When they confronted him on Richmond Street, he allegedly produced a knife.

Police responded by firing stun guns at him three times, and then firing a bean-bag round from a shotgun at him.

He was then taken into custody.

Paramedics said he was taken to hospital in “stable condition.”

Investigators said they later discovered the suspect was allegedly stealing items from cars in the parking garage.

Toronto police say they have notified the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) of the incident and originally thought the unit would not invoke its mandate.

But shortly after 7 a.m. the SIU said it would probe the incident.

In a news release, the SIU said that the suspect was in possession of a knife and threatening to harm himself when police first arrived.

The SIU said that the man was taken to hospital, where he was diagnosed with a serious injury.

The SIU is called to investigate any interaction between an Ontario police officer and a member of the public that results in death, serious injury or an allegation of sexual assault.

Two investigators and one forensic investigator have been assigned to the case.

Stun gun and Taser