Warning: This story includes graphic details.

A mother who relocated to Canada seeking better medical care for her son was bludgeoned to death in a north-end Toronto apartment, a jury was told Tuesday.

Lucita Charles, 28, was found dead in June 2010. The St. Lucia native was the mother of Mateo, a young boy who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Officers found Charles in her apartment with a passage from the bible stabbed into her chest with a knife. They say she was bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

On Tuesday, the jury hearing the case watched videos of police interviewing 41-year-old suspect Patrick Kirk Barrett, who is on trial for second-degree murder.

Barrett, Charles’ common-law spouse, has pleaded not guilty.

The accused describes himself as a devout Christian who did missionary work for his church. He said he met Charles at church and hoped to eventually marry her.

The Crown alleges that Barrett was a controlling and angry partner, who lashed out against Charles when she tried to end their relationship.

Barrett told homicide officers that he loved Charles’ son and acted as a primary caregiver.

In the video, when Barrett was asked what would happen to the young boy now that his mother was dead, the suspect pauses for a full 20 seconds. He never answered the question, reported CTV Toronto’s John Musselman.

The jury is scheduled to watch the second part of the police video on Thursday.

The death of the young mother shook many residents in the city, even prompting NBA star and Toronto native Jamaal Magloire to establish a trust fund for her orphaned son. Magloire also paid for her funeral.

Friends said Charles was a loving mother who had dreams of becoming a teacher.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s John Musselman