Toronto's next mayor John Tory says he's received calls from late-night television hosts -- including funny man Jimmy Fallon -- to appear on their shows. But unlike his predecessor Rob Ford, he says he's not interested in appearing on late-night TV.

Tory won the municipal election on Monday, after a months-long election campaign. He beat out his rivals Doug Ford and Olivia Chow. Tory garnered 40.3 per cent of the votes, while runner up Ford won 33.7 per cent, and Chow 23.2 per cent.

Ford swapped places with his brother Rob Ford, who was running for another mayoral term until he dropped out of the race in September after he was diagnosed with cancer. He successfully ran for council in Ward 2.

He will officially remain in the mayor's chair until Dec. 1, when Tory will be sworn in. One chair the former Ontario PC leader will not be sitting in, however, is the one beside Jimmy Fallon's desk on his late-night talk show.

When asked if he has been fielding calls from Fallon and other late-night comics to appear on their shows, Tory said "they've called" but he has declined their offer.

"I've said no because (being a mayor) isn't about comedy and show business, it's about getting things done," he told CTV’s Power Play Wednesday evening. He said, however, that he wouldn’t be opposed to appearing on CNN to talk about investing in Toronto or the city's tourism industry.

Earlier this year, Rob Ford famously made an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." The outgoing mayor had been the target of late-night comics after his admission in 2013 that he had smoked crack cocaine.

According to Tory, Ford's leadership created a divisive council -- one of the reasons he says Toronto voters casted their ballots for him. "I think people were looking for a sense of stability… (after) the chaos and division of the last four years."

He says a number of people at City Hall are also looking forward to working with him.

"I think people like this kind of stable, steady, non-flashy approach to leadership."