Hosting his first talk-radio show since being ordered to leave office, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford sounded downcast but pledged to continue fighting in hopes of returning to City Hall.

“Guaranteed I’ll put my life on it, I’m not quitting,” Ford said Sunday during his Newstalk1010 radio spot, a two-hour program in which he and his brother discuss current affairs and solicit questions from callers.

He added: “I’m not resigning and if we don’t win the appeal, hopefully there’ll be a byelection.”

His declaration comes two days after Justice Charles Hackland, who gave the mayor until Dec. 10 to vacate his office, clarified his ruling to allow Ford to run in the event a byelection is called.

The decision to hold a byelection or appoint another person as interim mayor is up to Toronto City Council.

During “The City,” which Ford hosts with his brother Doug, Mayor Ford reiterated his plan to run for office again.

“If council decides they’re going to have a byelection, I’ll assure you, I’ll be the first one into the race,” he told listeners, adding, “I think it’s only fair that people have the right to vote.”

The statement echoes remarks Ford made to reporters in the frenzied days after Justice Hackland delivered his initial verdict, when he determined that the mayor breached conflict-of-interest rules by not recusing himself from the debate and vote over sanctions stemming from his using city letterhead to solicit $3,150 in donations for his private football foundation.

In the end, Judge Hackland ruled that Ford’s actions were not the result of carelessness, but rather of a deliberate choice.

Ford has attempted to delay the judge’s ruling with his application for a “stay of removal” order that will be heard on Dec. 5. His appeal of the overall verdict will be heard on Jan. 7, 2013.

”I assure you one thing: I’m not quitting and I’m not resigning and I’m not giving up,” Ford said Sunday.

Also in studio, Ford’s brother Doug defended his sibling by trying to highlight his work in the community, particularly as a high school football coach for the Don Bosco Eagles.

Just a day after being ordered to leave office, Ford watched the Eagles compete against Newmarket’s Huron Heights Warriors at the Rogers Centre. The Eagles lost 28-14.

“That’s what this whole week was about,” said Doug. “If you really want to cut out everything else, it was about Rob helping kids.”