A neighbour says she was woken up by an elderly man begging for help, saying that three people, including a baby, were unconscious—and he couldn’t wake them up.

Etobicoke resident Jessica Villecampo told CTV News Toronto that she was woken up around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning by a pounding on her door. Her neighbour was yelling for help.

"He was panicked. I didn't really understand what he was saying though, but he seemed really scared for his family."

Villecampo ran across the hall while the man called 9-1-1.

"There were two women in the bed and one baby in the crib," said Villecampo. "They were passed out.”

"They were breathing, but they weren't responding … the baby cried at one point, but that's all I got them to do.”

The baby is about 14 or 15 months old, according to Villecampo.

"When I shook her I got, like, a whimper out of her, and then she wasn't responding. And then when the paramedics came, they kept yelling her name and she kind of cried a little bit again, but she didn't wake up."

Emergency crews arrived at the Etobicoke residence, located on Lake Promenade, near Long Branch Avenue, and rushed the two women and the baby to the hospital for treatment.

Toronto paramedics told CTV News Toronto that one person sustained life-threatening injuries and two others sustained serious injuries.

Toronto police Insp. Anthony Paoletta said there is very little information or evidence to suggest weapons were involved in the incident.

"There's obviously nothing at this point in time that is telling us that foul play is an issue here," said Paoletta. "Obviously we're going to determine that, but the ultimate priority here is to determine exactly what happened, but obviously, we're looking for answers ourselves."

Villecampo says her morning was surreal and nerve-wracking.

“I really just hope that the baby is okay, more than anything."

The relationship between the man, the women and the child has not been released.