A Toronto boy is promising "it won't happen again" after the book he borrowed from the library ripped when it fell off his bed.

The damaged book was deposited in a book drop at the Main Street branch of the Toronto Public Library, located at Main and Gerrard Streets, last week.

Paper-clipped to a copy of an Asterix comic book, library staff found an envelope addressed simply to "Library."

Inside was a note from the borrower, a boy named Jackson.

"I am sorry that a page ripped when it fell out of my bunk when I fell asleep reading," the note said.

"It won't happen again. I'm sorry. From Jackson."

Eila McLeish, a librarian at the Main Street branch, said the note is a rare occurrence. She said occasionally parents apologize for damage, but staff rarely sees hand-written notes.

"Obviously they loved (the book) and wanted others to be able to enjoy it," McLeish told CTVNews.ca on Monday.

She said the book had a tear that stretched halfway down one page, but it would be easily fixed with book tape.

The Toronto Public Library posted a photo of the note on its Facebook page, writing: "Here's to many more nights falling asleep with a good book, Jackson!"

As of Monday morning, the post had 380 shares and nearly 2,700 likes.

"How precious!" one person wrote.

"Ah, Jackson, it happens to the best of us," another posted.

"A reader and a conscious one at that. Hope the world does not ever change him," a third person commented.


Found in the book drop @ Main Street branch :) Here's to many more nights falling asleep with a good book, Jackson!

Posted by Toronto Public Library on Saturday, August 15, 2015