Alliance Films says the City of Toronto has removed 38 "Goon" posters ahead of the hockey movie's release Friday.

A spokeswoman for Alliance says the outdoor advertisements feature "Goon" star Jay Baruchel "gesturing in a way that the city believes is inappropriate."

The poster in question reportedly featured Baruchel making a sexually suggestive sign with his tongue and fingers.

Alliance Films says the posters have been up for two weeks.

They were removed Wednesday -- the same day of a red-carpet premiere in the city for the film about a bouncer who brawls his way onto a local hockey team.

The Winnipeg-shot film co-stars "X-Men" heart-throb Liev Schreiber.

In a statement issued by Alliance, "Goon" director Mike Dowse said: "I question whether this has to do with Jay's tongue or his ability to burn Maple Leafs' jerseys, neither of which are offensive in any way."

However, on the red carpet, Schreiber told the Toronto Star he could see why the posters were taken down.

"Having two small children myself, I can appreciate somebody being offended or not wanting that out there on the streets," he told the newspaper.

A spokesman for the City of Toronto did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the removal of the posters.