Passengers using the TTC were able to board subway trains earlier starting Sunday, but now have to pay a bit more to use Toronto transit.

Starting this weekend, Sunday subway service began one hour earlier, with the first trains leaving at approximately 8 a.m.

"Our businesses are open, our cultural centres are operating and the engines of our economy remain in motion," Toronto Mayor John Tory and TTC Chair Josh Colle wrote in a statement in November.

"The people of Toronto should be able to move around this city with ease - seven days a week - and the TTC plays an instrumental role in providing this mobility."

The TTC's fare hikes began at the same time as the Sunday service increase. Those paying cash for transit now have to pay $3.25, up from $3. Those using tokens or PRESTO passes pay $2.90 per trip, up from $2.80.

Weekly passes are also now sold at a $0.50 increase, for $40.75. Those buying day passes or family passes also have to pay $0.50 more, a total cost of $12.

The price of the monthly Metropass has remain frozen at $141.50. Student and senior fares are also remain unchanged.

The fare increases were announced at a TTC board meeting in November, after months of debate on how to make up the$58.4 million needed to balance the books.