The Toronto Transit Commission voted on Monday to increase cash fares and the price of subway tokens to help fill a $58-million deficit heading into 2016.

The cash fare will jump by 25 cents to $3.25 and the cost of tokens and tickets will go up by 10 cents to $2.90.

The price of the monthly Metropass will remain frozen at $141.50. The hikes only apply to regular adult fares will not affect students or seniors.

The announcement comes after hours of discussion at the TTC’s board meeting on Monday. For months, board members have been looking at how to make up $58.4 million to balance the books for next year.

Several options were considered at meeting on Nov. 9, including hiking only the cash fare and freezing the cost of Metropasses, or increasing all fares. On Monday, board members voted in favour of a motion brought forward by TTC Chair Josh Colle, to increase the cash and the cost of tokens, but not the price of the Metropass.

But many transit-takers say they aren’t happy about the decision, complaining that trains, buses and streetcars are now more crowded than ever.

“I think it has to be a change of approach for the city to really get behind the city to fund it and contribute their fair share,” said TTC rider Brenda Thompson.

Dozens of members of transit advocacy group TTC Riders protested outside City Hall on Monday as board members debated and voted on the fare hikes.

But Colle said the fare hikes are necessary for public transit in Toronto to keep operating effectively.

“We invested almost $100 million in our service las year and the system continues to grow so our sources of revenue are really the fare box and what the city gives us,” Colle said.

Fare hikes remain one of the few ways the TTC can generate additional revenue, unless the province boosts its subsidy.

The TTC’s current subsidy is one of the lowest in North America at 89 cents per rider.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Natalie Johnson