Police say that they have been made aware of a video that shows a woman falling out of a moving vehicle on Highway 401 on Monday afternoon before gathering up some loose possessions and crossing two lanes of live traffic.

The video was posted to Reddit on Tuesday.

It shows the woman falling out of the open passenger-side door of a white SUV as it travelled along the Westbound Highway 401 express lanes near Black Creek Drive at around 5:40 p.m.

The video then shows the woman quickly getting back to her feet and grabbing some possessions that fell onto the lane before walking across traffic to get to a concrete median.

The person who posted the video to Reddit said that they immediately called police after witnessing the fall.

They said that the driver of the vehicle pulled over and “followed” the woman on foot for a period of time, presumably “asking her to get back in.” They said the driver then got back into his vehicle and “took off.”

Police tell CP24 that they did speak with both the driver and the woman following the incident but are not likely to lay charges.

They say that the investigating officer will, however, review the video.

The woman was not injured in the fall.

“It was stop and go traffic so people had a little more time to think and a little more time to maneuver in a safe fashion however is obviously quite concerning,” OPP Const. Rob Knight said of the incident during an interview with CP24. “Certainly people walking through live lanes of traffic on a busy highway is never to be recommended and it is definitely a situation that can be unsafe.”