City hall voted Wednesday to put off a proposal that would have extended shopping to every day of the year.

The vote ensures that city officials won't have to deal with the thorny issue until after the municipal election, set for October 25.

Businesses have been asking that shopping be allowed on nine statutory holidays.

Currently, only stores in designated tourist zones are allowed to open their doors on the holidays. The Eaton Centre is one example of a tourist-oriented shopping area.

Some pro-business staff at city hall believe that store owners should be able to set their own hours.

In many surrounding areas like Vaughan and Mississauga, malls can stay open.

Last month, Coun. Case Ootes said he was opposed to deregulating the shopping days.

"I've never had anybody ask me, 'Why can't I shop on Canada Day?' I never have. And I think it's not just a question of business, I think it's how we perceive the quality of life," he said.