City Council’s compliance audit committee will proceed with a legal case against Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti over his campaign spending during the 2010 municipal election.

Last month, an audit of Mammoliti’s campaign expenses showed he spent $12,000 over the $30,000 spending cap for a municipal campaign. The audit also found a number of irregularities, including an unregistered $1,200 donation, as well as poor record-keeping and what was deemed a lack of professional accounting practices.

The audit, which was conducted by Froese Forensic Auditors, also found that Mammoliti used his own credit card and bank account for campaign expenses, rather than funding his campaign through a separate account.

At Monday’s audit committee hearing, Mammoliti and his lawyer requested an adjournment so a second auditor could go through his books.

The committee denied the request, and Mammoliti’s lawyer appealed to the committee not to launch legal proceedings against Mammoliti, arguing that such a move would cause “disproportionate” harm to an elected official compared to a private citizen.

After listening to lawyers for both Mammoliti and the applicant who requested the audit, the committee decided to commence legal proceedings to determine whether Mammoliti violated any terms of the Municipal Elections Act.

Charges under the MEA are non-criminal.

Mammoliti could face a nominal fine or be turfed from office if he is found to have violated the MEA.

On Feb. 25, Mayor Rob Ford will appear before the audit committee, which will announce whether it intends to pursue a legal case against him over campaign expenses.

An audit found that Ford exceeded the municipal campaign spending limit by $40,168 in the 2010 election, improperly borrowed money from his family business and accepted donations that exceeded the allowable amount.

With files from CP24’s George Lagogianes